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"I am an artist who has spent most of my life attempting to capture the world how I see it. By the age of 14 I had my first art sale in front of the family business. By 17 I won best in show in a local high school and college event. I attended Delta Community College and am currently getting an art degree from Arizona State University. After moving to the bay area, I began my journey of painting through portraits capturing the many colorful faces of the local community.
Most of my paintings utilize vibrant colors creating both hyper realistic and surrealistic pieces. I am an oil painter at heart but will also work with many other mediums such as sculpture and digital design. I have been featured in the local Stockton paper, The Record, local pages such as Living Lodi, and in an art show at the Haggin Museum. You can find my mural work in Lodi where I was chosen to paint an electrical box which is now a prized landmark of the town!"

- Adia Nelson


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take commissions?

Yes, and love it. Inquire about portraits and more to beautify your home or give a personalized gift.

Do you travel for murals?

Yes, I am located in central californa and am willing to drive far for a project.

How long will the painting project take?

The duration of the painting project depends on the size and scope of the job, but we work efficiently to minimize any disruption.

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