BIO: As an artist Adia Nelson has tested out many materials. She began painting though watercolors and practicing through sketching. It wasn't until a few years later that she began to use acrylic paints to add more dimension through layering. Through taking a few classes in college she picked up oil paints and that is where her loyalties lie. 

Adia was a silly and strange kid growing up so finding something that captured all the things that she imagined was definitely hard to do. Until she stumbled across Frida Kahlo. Surrealism was definitely her style and this- she took and ran with. You can find most of her work with bright pink rolling hills and a gray, purple sky. Her signature is a unique swirly rainbow ribbon taking up the space where the clouds often are. You can find this design on her painted shirts and totes and in the background of many of her portraits. Keep an eye out for her work and all the different directions she might go.